South Pole Digital is a full service digital marketing company with one purpose: to help our clients win on the marketplaces. It used to be easy. Not so much anymore, but the opportunity is still enormous in size. Our Founder and CEO has been a Senior Leader at small and large, successful direct to consumer and B2B businesses, so we bring a perspective that most digital agencies do not. And that’s real world experience selling $100M via marketplaces.

Our perspective is that marketplaces and Amazon in particular, are where much of the growth is happening online. And Amazon is NOT the enemy, but an opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of consumers in an environment where they buy. New brands and businesses and product lines are launched on marketplaces every day. South Pole Digital exists to help its clients navigate the waters of Amazon, and succeed in the marketplaces.


We work primarily with companies that utilize traditional catalogs (and other direct mail) and/or ecommerce websites. Many of our clients are selling in the Toys & Games, Automotive, Health & Beauty, Clothing, Patio, Lawn & Garden as well as Industrial & Scientific categories.

We hope you will be our next client!