South Pole Digital is a trailblazing digital agency, operating at the intersection of merchants and the marketplaces that serve them. We are a trusted partner for businesses striving for stability and success on Amazon, eBay and Walmart.com. South Pole Digital turns your business objectives into success stories. How do we do it? By seamlessly combining our knowledge of marketing, merchandising and operations, we help you build a solid strategy, navigate the challenges of plan development and quickly execute on that plan. Our philosophy is that a holistic approach allows us to provide you with well-informed and well-founded advice, to build solid strategies, and to develop campaigns that actually convert. It’s more than just ecommerce, it’s your business.


Amazon’s explosive growth is constantly creating new opportunities to launch brands, and better reach your audience. South Pole Digital guides you in mapping the right route, and helps you to convert valuable marketplace opportunities into sustainable results.


The right strategy is not enough. South Pole Digital converts your Amazon (and eBay and Walmart.com) ambitions into solid and attainable goals. From content development and management, to pricing activation and monitoring, our integrated approach is a guarantee for your success.


Strategy is fun, execution is hard.  Once your implementation is done, that’s when we move into high gear: putting your project successfully in the marketplaces and exploiting it. With a multidisciplinary team and a wide array of tactics at our disposal, we have what it takes to exceed your expectations.


Amazon’s paid ad platform, “Sponsored Products”, is an extremely effective way to drive high-quality traffic to your product pages.  And Headline Search Tools are now accessible to everyone.  Done correctly, the ROI of paid ads can’t be beat. Let South Pole Digital manage the Ad campaigns and ensure they are properly optimized.


We understand the Amazon search algorithms and will identify the most effective search terms for your products.  With industry-specific data and creative brainstorming, each product’s ‘searchability’ is optimized and carefully monitored to maintain optimal performance.


Taking the time to create high-quality, ‘Amazon-optimized’ content will dramatically increase sales. Using a mixture of technology, creativity, and professional experience, our team of copywriters produce product titles, bullet points, descriptions, and keywords for each specific product. With attention-grabbing, detail-oriented content, we increase each product’s search visibility and are masters at converting browsers into buyers.


Categorization is crucial to high-performance listings. Amazon has almost 400,000,000 product listings, so getting your items in the right place is very important.  Since sales channels focus considerable resources on improving ‘browsability’ for users, placing products in appropriate categories is imperative. To attract the highest traffic, we use careful analysis and advanced metrics to determine the most accurate category for every product.


Amazon shoppers know their stuff. Throwing up a product page with bad images and poorly communicated benefits, will not convert. We write product listings that sell, and guide you on effective product and lifestyle images to include.


For even stronger awareness and sales, South Pole Digital offers advanced content development providing the opportunity to tell a unique product story with optimized content, such as:

Enhanced brand content
A+ content pages
Enhanced copy
Rich lifestyle images
Product videos

Taking the time and making the effort to optimize online marketplace product content can make an impressive, positive difference in sales. The content experts at South Pole Digital are ready to help you navigate Amazon and other marketplaces.

Extensive Keyword Research

What words and phrases are customers using to search for your (and your competitors) products on Amazon? This creates the foundation for our copywriting and PPC (Paid Advertising) efforts. Effective keyword research that’s put into practice helps with relevance and sales velocity.

Customer reviews

Authentic customer reviews are the true lifeblood of all Amazon listings. Amazon’s algorithms prioritize listings with good customer reviews  We help your listings get more authentic reviews through implementing a custom post-purchase email sequence  which encourages buyers to leave product reviews. Quality product reviews help improve conversion rates.

Inventory forecasting and recommendations

Perhaps the biggest impact on future sales is product availability. Most brands operating in a multichannel capacity find it impossible to do effective demand forecasting and inventory planning for all of their sales channels. South Pole Digital helps navigate inventory forecasting to ensure your Amazon inventory is at the optimal level.